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  Automotive water pump is made of a pump shell, connecting plate or pulley, water pump shaft and bearing or the shaft bearing, water pump impeller and water seal device and other parts. The quality of water pump bearings is core part and very important. 

  Water pump bearings are double row bearings, ball-ball type and ball-roller type, with well greased and sealed to ensure dependability. They don't have an inner ring but raceways machined directly into the surface of the shaft. So there is more space available rolling elements, giving a higher specific load carrying capacity. The outer ring for two rows of rolling elements prevents misalignment defects, eliminating the risk of undesirable distortion of the bearing. The end of shaft normally extend beyond the out ring on both sides. The length and diameter of these extended sections are matched to the specific application. This result in a simply, ready-to-fit bearing unit that used in automotive water pumps.

  Accor provides superior fatigue life and reliable automotive water pumps and water pump bearings.

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